Fall Rendezvous 2017

November 11 - 12

Family and friends:

   When mornings have begun to feel a little crisp, and the geese begin to come down from the North; time for Rendezvous will soon be upon us.
   Is the cast iron seasoned? Are the tents and sleeping bags aired out and ready for use? If not, best tend to it ......... it's time for Rendezvous!
    Same place as always. Four Notch Hunter Camp, Sam Houston National Forest. The main gathering will be on the second weekend of November with our traditional supper on Saturday evening.
   If you have never been or don't remember how to get there, the key landmarks are the little town of New Waverly, the city of Huntsville and State Hwy 75 that runs between them. New Waverly is South of Huntsville and Hwy 75 runs parallel to I-45 on the East side. New Waverly is about a half of a mile off of I-45 and Hwy 75 is the main street in this little town.
   From Houston, take I-45 through Conroe. After Conroe, watch for and take the New Waverly exit.
   From New Waverly go north (toward Huntsville) on Hwy 75 about five to six miles and take FM 2296 to the Right (East) toward the community of Phelps.
   From Huntsville, take Hwy 75 South seven or eight miles and turn left on FM 2296.
   On 2296 go about three or four miles and, before you get to Phelps, you will see Four Notch Road intersecting from the right and FM 2929 intersecting from the left. Take Four Notch Road to the right. In a short distance you will cross some railroad tracks. In about one and a half to two miles there will be Forest Road 213 (unmarked dirt road) to the left. This is the entrance to the Hunter Camp. It is the second road to the left (the first is immediately past the tracks). In the middle of the road to the campground is a grassy area that forms an island in the road at at the junction with Four Notch Road. Each year a yellow sign declaring "Hunter Camp" is posted in this "island". If vandals haven't torn it down, you can't miss it. In any case the entrance to the campground is the second road to the left on Four Notch Road.
   Some of us will go early to get a suitable campsite. We will put up a sign with "Rendezvous" on it so that you will know that it is us. If we are not in the main camping area, look for us further in, we will be there in one spot or another.
   The Hunter Camp consists of a main area at a trail head for the Lone Star Hiking Trail and a few cleared areas in the Pine trees along a half a mile or so of the road. Camping is primitive; no camper hook-ups, no running water or flush toilets. In past years however, there have always been Porta Potties in place that are provided by the Forest Service.
To get an idea of what Fall Rendezvous is like, click here for photos from 2005. As always, there will be cards and dominoes available in case anyone wants to play a few hands.

Click here for maps and more directions.