Idaho Adventure


Several years ago, Gary and Wonda along with their son Anthony, embarked on an adventure that would span a few months, but would leave them with memories that will last a lifetime. Chasing a dream, hungry for elbow room and a breath of high country air, tired of the Texas heat, or for whatever reason, they went North.
    Outfitting themselves with gear that included a new canvas tent, a wood stove, and a couple of snowmobiles, they spent the next seven months in the mountains of Idaho. Their home became a small piece of property used by an old friend to pasture his horses.
    Their fuel for heat was wood. A Coleman cook stove sat on a table against the back wall of the tent, a piece of plastic pinned to the canvas to protect against splatters. Gas lanterns provided enough light to read by at night. Their stores of food were supplemented with small game, Elk and Bear meat and their water supply was a stream behind camp that froze over in the winter. At an elevation of around five thousand feet, night temperatures in mid-winter at times dropped far below zero, but with the little wood stove going, inside the canvas home it was warm.
    In March, with spring around the corner, they broke camp, left the snowmobiles behind and came back to Texas. The adventure was over, but the experience of life in a tent in that mountain pasture will always be with them.

Gary and tent

Just about finished setting up.

Ready to live in. Home sweet home

Wonda and tent