Spring Rendezvous
April 14-15, 2018

Family and friends:

   The 2017 event saw a count of 50 at the Saturday gathering and meal. Everyone seemed to enjoy the LCRA park at Lake Bastrop and so we plan to use the facilities there again in 2018.
   The 2018 Spring Rendezvous has been set to be held at South Shore Park at Lake Bastrop, on the weekend of April 14 - 15, 2018.This is an LCRA Park. Not a Texas Parks and Wildlife facility. For directions and park information, click ... here. ...
    To assure hall availability, reservations are best made well in advance. And so, on May 8, 2017, an attempt was made to reserve the Osprey Point Hall in South Shore Park for the weekend after Easter (April 7, 2018). However, someone had already beat us to it. They only accept reservations at a 9:00 AM on specified days. We tried at 9:05 and were too late. On Monday, May 15, a second, and this time successful, attempt was made for another date and the Hall was reserved for Saturday April 14, 2018. This is where we will have our main meal of the weekend. We will begin serving the food at 1:00 pm. A few campsites have also been reserved. Some of us will be camping in the park beginning on Friday. We will try to keep everyone notified by phone, text, or email of any changes.
   If you have ever been to our Fall or Spring Rendezvous, you will know that food will not be a problem.
   We'll bring some horse shoes or a horse shoe like game played with bean bags, and of course there will be the ever present cards and dominoes for those who care to play.
   There are restrooms in the park to accommodate tent campers. Also, there are small cabins that you can rent. Refer to the Park website for info on reserving these "Mini Cabins".
    As always, you are certainly welcome to just make a day trip of it if you had rather. And if you don't care to fish or participate in games, come join us for a meal and sit a spell and visit. We will be glad to see you in any case.
   If disaster strikes and plans have to be altered, I will post a notice on this site, and try to contact folks by email as soon as I know of any changes. If you have any questions, contact me at oertliterry@gmail.com and I will try to find the answers.