Spring Rendezvous 2006

Lake Travis

Rendezvous ........ "To assemble or meet at a particular place." ........ this, a definition of the word by Webster.
Rendezvous ........ for us, it is a reunion of sorts, but more. An extended gathering that affords us more time with family and friends. Time spent together in a fellowship that is intertwined with outdoor experience.
Time spent together ........ the most essential element in building and maintaining the bonds of family and friendship. Time spent together ........ Rendezvous.

   For years we have held our Fall Rendezvous in the piney woods of East Texas. In 2005 Gary and family began the Spring Rendezvous at Lake Travis in the Hill Country and acted as hosts again for the crowd that showed up this year. We were particularly glad to see the young families of Heather and Ryan and their little ones, as well as Becky with her three youngsters in tow. We hope that they enjoyed themselves and that they will join us again.

scenic view

Our campsite in LCRA's Turkey Bend Recreation Area was
decided upon months before. Located on a narrow point jutting
out into a slough off of the main lake, the site provided
both seclusion and a great view.

The ruggedness of the Texas Hill Country provides some scenic settings for camping.

The lake level was low due to drought, as evidenced by the water line high on the banks.

camp1 camp 2 camp 3

Between Friday and Sunday, there were twenty-one overnight campers, with some spending one night and others two. Brother Ed and nephew Anthony went out a day or so early in order to secure the site.
Thanks goes to Gary and family for shuttling out several loads of equipment to get camp set up, as well as for doing the lions share of food preparation.

Click on the thumbnail photos to the left for some views of the camp.