Fall Rendezvous 2018

November 10 - 11

   The heat of Summer wains, the days grow shorter, and the night air brings an expectant hint of coolness. The hurried feel of life always seems to slow with the coming of Fall.
   It is a time when nature begins to prepare for Winter's rest. If you listen closely, it is as if you can almost hear the land sigh with relief.    It is a time when the thoughts of Outdoorsmen settle on memories filled with the scent of gun oil, woodsmoke, and old tent canvas. Memories of languid days with falling leaves, and frosty mornings that warm slowly in an Autumn's sunrise.
   It is a time, the best time, to be about in the woods.
   It is a time for pitched tents and sleeping bags; campfires and cast iron cookware.
   It is a time for sitting by the coals and telling memories of our yesterdays, and a time for the making of new memories. New memories that will be told around the campfires of our tomorrows.
   It is a time for Rendezvous.

  • 2005 Sam Houston National Forest

  • 2006 Sam Houston National Forest